Welcome to EA Prime!

Helllloooooooo internet! Again!

We haven’t had new websites in the entire history of the company. Updates and tweaks, courtesy of our amazing CTO Graeme Dunlop, sure. But never a top-down redesign.


With the help and hard work of Clockpunk Studios and the graphic design prowess of Scott Pond, behold the gorgeous new hotness!

Filthy gorgeous you could say . . . Shifting to a new site means a certain amount of house cleaning needs to be done (we’re told, this is our first time). Pardon the shuffling as things get dusted and put back into their rightful places for the first little bit and until then, please don’t mind the occasional pile of ones and zeroes.

You will also notice that this website is now a website, not just a placeholder! One that has not previously existed! This is EA Prime. This is where you’ll find a constantly rolling feed of everything you need to know about Escape Artists, the best kept secret in genre podcasting.

Take a look around. We recommend you check the About Us page to learn more about who we are, what we publish and and what we’re about. Check the FAQ if you have questions, or come say hello at our forum, Facebook or Twitter.