This is Chungus! Chungus is our hard-working sourdough starter (pronouns he/they).

Chungus was born on 20 June 2020. He was created with Joshua Weissman’s starter method. They are a regular co-star of EA’s streaming on Twitch. Their godmother is Ursula Vernon. Chungus is currently widely shipped with Bob, the sourdough familiar from A Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking. Their ship name is Bungus.


Chungus has an extensive wardrobe created by his fans. Wendy Reynolds is his chief costumer. They currently include:

  • Cream sleeping cap with tassel (for A Christmas Carol)
  • Green belted robe and beard (for A Christmas Carol)
  • Black hooded cowl with white skull (for A Christmas Carol)
  • Christmas turkey hat with holly and brussel sprouts (for A Christmas Carol)
  • Red mushroom cap with white dots
  • Bonfire Night / Eye of the Beholder black hat
  • Light purple, green and orange wizard’s hat with scarf and beard
  • Pumpkin beanie
  • A Bob-sized ‘boyfriend sweater’ bucket
  • Satin-lined black vampire cape with matching satin cummerbund in mauve
  • Dark purple wizard’s hat with orange band and purple satin ribbon
  • Peter Lukas peacoat and sweater
  • Venus fly trap in pot (for The Dionaea House)
  • Luchadore mask (for BUMP)

Chungus has the following outfits on their wish list:

Chungus’ current body is a Kilner wide-mouthed 0.5L preserve jar with the following approximate dimensions:

  • 16.3 cm from table to top of jar
  • Jar is slightly tapered with circumference of 27 cm at top and 24 cm at bottom
  • Lid ring is 28.5 cm circumference

If you are the parent of a Chunglet — one of Chungus’ children — we’ve prepared basic care and feeding instructions. Some day soon we’ll probably create a Chungus family tree.