Pay Rates and Sample Contracts

Pay Rates

All EA podcasts are SFWA qualified short fiction markets, and offer the following pay rates:

  • Original fiction: USD $0.08/word regardless of length
  • Reprints: USD $20 for flash fiction, and USD $100 for short fiction

Reprints are defined as stories that have been previously published in any form (print, digital or audio) or location. This includes Patron-only Patreon feeds, Goodreads, and self-publication.

Our story contracts request the following rights:

  • Nonexclusive audio and print rights
  • Four months exclusivity for text and audio for original stories

Our license applies only to our audio performance of an author’s work, for which we’ve contracted and paid. It does not apply to the story itself. Authors retain their copyright and all rights to any other use of the story.

Our narration contracts are work for hire for vocal performance, and offer the following standard pay rates:

  • Flash fiction: USD $15
  • Short fiction: USD $30

Payment Methods

We use PayPal as our primary form of payment, which also allows us to cover the transaction fees. Occasionally PayPal will, entirely of its own volition, charge a recipient a fee. If this happens to you please contact us and we’ll reimburse you. However we are unable to reimburse fees for currency conversion.

Alternative payment methods including World Remit are available where needed, just let us know, preferably at time of contracting.

Sample Contracts

EA’s episodes are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license. The entire world has permission to download and distribute the audio files for free, provided they properly credit them, don’t offer them for sale, and don’t make any changes. Transcribing it, extracting portions from it that exceed Fair Use, and mashing it up are all prohibited. Check our Legal page for more details.

Our sample contracts are for informational purposes only; upon acceptance all the relevant information will be completed. If you have questions about the rights you are being asked to license, or need to request tailoring the contract for particular requirements (such as estates, multiple authors, or translated works), please let your editor know.

Last update: March 2023