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CatsCast publishes fun speculative cat stories. We hope that each story leaves its cat-loving listeners a little happier after listening than they were before. Our previous episodes include:

April 1, 2020 – CatsCast 289: The Thing in the Basement by Gerri Leen, and

April 1, 2021 – CatsCast 341: Bargain by Sarah Gailey

Other episodes may or may not exist, depending on which section of the multiverse you happen to live in.

You can find us on twitter at @catscastpod. For general inquiries, email

Our Staff

Editor: Laura Pearlman (she/her)

Laura Pearlman’s short fiction has appeared in Nature, Shimmer, Flash Fiction Online, and a handful of other places. Her LOLcat captions have appeared in McSweeney’s.

She’s a former associate editor at Escape Pod and has guest-edited episodes of Escape Pod and Cast of Wonders. She has a tragically neglected blog called Unlikely Explanations and can be found on twitter at @laurasbadideas.

Associate Editor: Kitty Sarkozy (she/her)

Kitty Sarkozy is a speculative fiction writer and actor. She is an Associate Editor of Pseudopod, an award-winning weekly horror podcast in the Escape Artists network. Several large cats allow her to live with them in Marietta GA, She enjoys tending the extensive gardens, where she hides the bodies. For a list of her publications, acting credits or to engage her services on your next project go to

Associate Editor: Thunder (he/him)

By day, Thunder works in a research computing group in southern California; his participation mostly involves making his voice heard during conference calls. Always an overachiever, he holds a second job as a food critic.

Associate Editor: Purrsephone (she/her)

Purrsephone (or Seffie, as she likes to be called) divides her time between the sunny living spaces of her home and the dark nether regions of her human’s bedroom closet. Her hobbies include purring and chasing the laser dot.