Alasdair Stuart (he/him) – Co-Owner/Publisher

Alasdair Stuart is a professional enthusiast, pop culture analyst, writer and voice actor. He is a multiple Hugo Award finalists including Best Fan Writer, a British Fantasy Society Best Non-fiction finalist for his weekly pop culture newsletter The Full Lid, and won the 2021 Audioverse Award for his voice work in The Magnus Archives.

His nonfiction can be found at numerous genre and pop culture venues, including regular columns at the Hugo Award-winning Ditch Diggers and Fox Spirit Books. His game writing includes ENie-nominated work on the Doctor Who RPG, and After The War co-created with Genesis of Legend.

He co-owns the Escape Artists podcasts and hosts their horror podcast, PseudoPodalong with the Hugo Award nominated science fiction podcast, Escape Pod. He is a frequent guest and presenter on podcasts, with voice acting credits including The Magnus Archives and the upcoming Secret of St. Kilda.

Alasdair’s most recent work is THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR, the 50th instalment in the Black Archive collection of academic Doctor Who treatises by Obverse Books. He has two volumes of expanded essays from PseudoPod — as well as multiple short stories — available from Fox Spirit Books.

A frequent awards judge including the Arthur C. Clarke, The Kitschies, Brave New Words and the BFS, he blogs at and is on Twitter @AlasdairStuart.

Marguerite Kenner (she/her) – Co-Owner/Publisher

Marguerite Kenner is a California transplant living in the UK city named after her favorite pastime.

With her partner Alasdair Stuart, she runs Escape Artists and practices as a technology lawyer in London. She loves to narrate for podcasts and audiobooks, and is always on the lookout for an exciting new project.

Her contributions to genre fiction include editing Cast of Wonders from 2013 to 2019, project groups for SFWA, WSFS and the BFS, community organising, and teaching business skills to artists.

You can follow her adventures on Twitter and Instagram.

Darusha Wehm (they/them) – Original Fiction Manager

M. Darusha Wehm is the Nebula Award-nominated and Sir Julius Vogel Award winning author of the interactive fiction game The Martian Job, as well as thirteen novels, several poems, and many short stories. Originally from Canada, Darusha lives in Wellington, New Zealand after spending several years sailing the Pacific.






Tierney Bailey (she/her) – Publishing Assistant

Tierney Bailey is a Libra, a lover of science fiction and poetry, and is a dice-collecting gremlin. Currently, Tierney is Associate Poetry Editor with Sundress Publications, a copyeditor at Strange Horizons, Associate Editor with PodCastle, and a freelance graphic designer. She has earned a BA from the University of Indianapolis and a Masters Degree in Writing, Literature, and Publishing from Emerson College. Tierney is most easily found screaming into the void on Twitter as @ergotierney.





Devin Martin (he/they) – Publishing Assistant

Devin is a colony of uncooperative cells with a voracious appetite for cheesecake. After studying psychology and computer science, he almost fell into a career teaching robots how to kill, but escaped at the last moment. A number of arcane arts have vied for his attention, including programming and game design (both board and video), but writing has sung the sweetest. He lives with his brilliant scientist of a spouse and they call Cardiff their home. He almost never tweets @devinxmartin and he has a wide range of disturbing cackles.





Srikripa Krishna Prasad (she/her) – Marketing Assistant

Sri is a recent university graduate, hailing from near Toronto, Ontario, who is (metaphorically) wandering the world, searching for purpose. She is deeply fond of reading and writing speculative fiction, especially fantasy, and is working on several stories to hopefully publish one day. Outside of writing, she is learning how to play the guitar, practicing the violin, daydreaming, and trying to motivate herself to finish any of the numerous projects she has going. You can find her on Twitter at @sriative, where she rarely tweets but lurks in the shadows, casting her judgmental yet benevolent eye over the world.




Dave Robison (he/him) – Production Concierge

Dave Robison is a storyteller who has been captivated by tales and legends his entire life.

As a child, he wrote Curious George and Paddington Bear fan fiction to the indulgent delight of his family.  He was drawn to the immersive storytelling of live theater at an early age, participating in community workshops and school productions, a passion that continued through high school and college. In his teens, he was inexplicably drawn to speculative fiction, cutting his genre teeth on Robert E. Howard, Michael Moorcock, and JRR Tolkien which led to his inevitable indoctrination into such pop culture passions as RPGs, comics, and all things deliciously geekish.

Dave secured degrees in Theater and Graphic Design in college and, in the years that followed, worked at dinner theaters, design studios, and even ran a used bookstore. When he was hired to teach computer classes at New Horizons Computer Learning Center, it began a decade-long exploration of instructional design, presentation, and media production for numerous educational software companies.

In 2012, Dave launched The Roundtable Podcast with friend and colleague Brion Humphrey. The podcast gave writers the opportunity to brainstorm their story ideas with established authors and editors like Lou Anders, Cat Rambo, Kameron Hurley, and Hugh Howey. The unique format combined with Dave’s over-the-top delivery and enthusiasm earned the podcast a small but dedicated following.

The podcast introduced him to the vibrant culture that had been thriving in virtual space, unlocking a boundless vista of storytelling opportunities. Never one to pass up a chance to tell a story, Dave dove in with his customary abandon, narrating stories for dozens of audio fiction podcasts as well as designing a board game (coming soon to Tabletopia), creating an online story development and presentation application, and most recently launching a zombie-themed coffee and tea franchise featuring a weekly webcomic.

Wilson Fowlie (he/him) – Production Custodian

Wilson Fowlie has been reading stories out loud since the age of four, and credits any talent he has in this area to his parents, who are both excellent at reading aloud.
He started narrating stories for more than just his own family in late 2008, when he answered a call for readers on the PodCastle forum. Since then, he has gone on to read dozens of stories for PodCastle, all of the other Escape Artists ’casts, StarShipSofa and other District of Wonder podcasts, KaleidocastGallery of CuriositiesDunesteef Audio Fiction magazine and several others.
He does all this narrating when not at his day job as a corporate video voiceover performer in Vancouver, Canada. And if the pandemic ever ends, he hopes to get back to acting in local theatre productions.

Graeme Dunlop (he/him) – Technical Team

Graeme Dunlop has been involved with technology for many decades, mostly in coding and Solution Architecture. With Escape Artists he produced Pseudopod for many years, has narrated many stories for all of the ‘casts, co-founded Cast of Wonders in 2011 with Barry J. Northern, has been an Associate Editor with both PodCastle and PseudoPod, was co-editor and host of PodCastle, and helps keep the EA websites and online presences running

Graeme was born in Australia, although people have identified him as English, American and South African, amongst other nationalities. He loves the spoken word. Graeme lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Amanda, and beautiful boy dog, Jake.




Summer Brooks (she/her) – Technical Team

Summer Brooks is a story addict who watches way too much television. She enjoys putting her encyclopedic knowledge to the test during discussions and interviews about scifi, horror and comics, and does so as the longtime host and producer of Slice of SciFi, and as co-host of The Babylon Podcast.

Summer also does voiceovers & narrations for Tales to Terrify, StarShipSofa and Escape Pod, among others, and is an avid reader and writer of science fiction, fantasy and thrillers, with a handful of publishing credits to her name. Next on her agenda is writing an urban fantasy tale, and a monster movie creature feature or two. Find her online or on Twitter.


Matt Dovey (he/him) – Graphic Artist

Matt Dovey is very tall, very British, and most likely drinking a cup of tea right now. A village elder once told him the scar on his arm marked him for greatness, but he’s not so sure. He now lives in a quiet market town in rural England with his wife and three children, and still struggles to express his delight in this wonderful arrangement. Although his surname rhymes with “Dopey”, any other similarities to the dwarf are coincidental. He has fiction out and forthcoming all over the place: keep up with it at, or find him timewasting on Twitter as @mattdoveywriter.

Paul Haring (he/him) – Accounting Team

Scarlett Ross – Contract Administrator (she/her)

Scarlett is a passionate Virtual Assistant/Professional human in development and all around hard worker, blending skills from all areas of her life as an English teacher, published author, executive support staff, Domestic Goddess, educator, event coordinator, project manager, mime, editor, and stage crew together with her deepest wish – to make my corner of the universe a little better. She has won awards, been on TV, and served in community volunteer work, but is most proud that she is creating the world she wants to live in through choice and all things crafting. She enjoys spending time with the family of her heart – dogs, cats, and horses, oh my!


Jennifer Hunt (she/her) – Assistant Producer (Streaming); Twitch Moderator

Jennifer lives in south Wales, where she spends her time attempting to befriend the local dogs and making dice, in the hopes that once she amasses a large enough hoard, she will be able to assume her true draconic form and be free of retail forever. She also enjoys writing, reading, listening to music and podcasts, and sploshing through the edge of the sea in waterproof boots.

Profile photo by Lho Brockhoff


Ciaran Roberts (she/they) – Lead Twitch Moderator

Ciaran lives in the not-so-wilds of Yorkshire with a very yappy dog. She works as a professional zombie wrangler/producer for a video game company, which is hilarious because she is deathly afraid of zombies. In her free time, she plays video games, embarks on various creative projects (look, she will totally finish a project eventually), and writes fiction. Likes decorating cakes to look like things from whatever piece of media she’s into at the moment.



Wendy Reynolds (she/her) – Twitch Moderator

Wendy Reynolds lives in York UK with her husband and a varying complement of guinea pigs.  She works as a Further Education funding and data consultant (which mostly involves rummaging around in databases and complaining bitterly about the mess) to fund her hobbies of reading, sinking thousands of hours into computer games, and crocheting cunning little outfits for sourdough starters.  She only recently discovered the exciting world of podcasts, Twitch streaming, and red-stringing on Discord servers, and has gleefully plunged feet-first into all three.  She lurks on Twitter as @Wendles1967.