Thank you, November Donors and Patrons!

Once a month we want to say a special thank you to the new supporters who keep our servers fed and our shows in your podcatchers week after week.

We’re also continuing to monitor the Patreon situation. It seems every day or two there’s a new statement or promise being made. As we mentioned, we completely understand if you need to change or cancel your pledge there because of their new fees model. Our PayPal and Dwolla options remain available, if those might work for you in the alternative (a huge thank you to those who have told us they’ve switched!). And you won’t miss out on any bonus content – we make sure it’s available to ALL our donors.

A huge thank you to those who joined us in November 2017:

Brian Ackermann, Catherine Albert, Gregg Anderson, Peter Andresen, Joseph Anthony Dixon, David Armstrong, Kris Arnold, David Assaf IV, Tim Babe, Dione Basseri, Jim Beckerson, Greg Billock, Daryl Blasi, Johanna Bobrow, Katy Borluvie, Renata Brennan, Jane Brown, Jane Brown, Jennifer Brozek, Nik Carey, Phillip Chamberlain, Christopher Colyer, Kate Cook, Claire Cooney, Taylor Daisy O’Connell, Shawn D’Alimonte, Nathan Daniels, Darren Davidson, Christopher Deane, Joseph Dixon, Cecilia Dockins, Roberto Downs, Anthony Downs, S. F., Ken Fallon, Ian Flockhart, Dylan Fox, Amy Franks, Dan Fuchs, Jeela Ganje, Brian Gatsch, Delisile Godeffroy Taylor, Don Grayson, Jamie Hardy, Barry Haworth, Elie Hirschman, Todd Honeycutt, Eric Husen, Gethin Jenkins, Mike Joseph, Inukie Koji, Peter L Brown, Craig Large, Ally Le, T MarcLee, Jon Leonard, Jennifer Lewis, Lewis Linker, Guardian Lion, Robert Loomans, James Lythgoe, Christina Mac Kinnon, Conrad Manshart, Rachel Marshall, Paul Martel, Daniel Mason, Patricia Matson, Aaron Mayfield, Andrew McDowell, Elizabeth McKinstry, John Michaels, Galen Miller, Matt Miller, Caitlin Miller, John Montet, Patricia Murray, Oliver N., Nancy Nelson, Matthew Nielsen, Christopher Norberg, Janice Pardoe, Anjali Pasupathy, Gena Patterson, Susanne Patterson, Dan Perri, Elias Perry, Kimberly Person, Monique Phillips, Larry Polk, Steven Poore, Austin Rasmussen, Julian Richardson, William Rieder, Jaime Rodriguez, Christopher Ryan, Christoph Schilling, Tom Schueller, Julia Scott-Douglas, Jago Silver, Ben Smith, Benjamin Smith, Karen Snyder, Jessica Sparks, Tablesaw Tablesawsen, Patrick Taylor, Wesley Teal, Alexis Theroux, Robert Tho, Jo Thomas, Natalie Vincent, Terra Vleeshouwer Neumann, Richard Vogel, Melinda Wheelock, Beth Whelan, Alexander Wills, Aj Ylizaliturri, Sherry Zhou, Linda, Erik, E.B., Flying Rat, Halderis, Epilonious, Jimmy, Crystalbrier, JE and Dayquipper