Goodbye, Submittable. Hello, Moksha!

The Escape Artists podcasts are pleased to announce they’ve relocated their submission platforms and are settling in at Moksha. Many thanks to Matthew Kressel for easing the transition.

Or, as PseudoPod’s assistant editor Karen Bovenmyer puts it:

A river changes beds in two ways—slow erosion or cataclysmic schism. Lo! The long awaited conjunction has occurred and the bedrock has split. The fetid stream that once sluiced through PseudoPod Towers’ dungeons is no longer sourced from the black swamp behind the south graveyard. Alas, we shall miss the smell, for it reminded us of cypress knees and the soft swishing sounds of things unseen. Fare thee well, Submittable Swamp. We shall miss your slime coating.

The loud KRAKOW that shook the Towers four days ago may have been missed by PseudoPod employees who are used to various screams and phantasmic moans that echo inexplicably up and down corridors. I am now at liberty to share with you that this was the culmination of a fulsome ritual we conducted at the very top of the Towers. Nearby Moksha Mountain, which until recently was looming over the northern ghoul volleyball nets, has blown its top. The resulting crack in the slush firmament has opened a new source of stygian delights and smells—a black torrent that now fills the Tower dungeons.

What are those floating shapes? Logs? Bodies? Strange vessels filled with creatures unknown? Let us discover what the ritual has brought into our basement, and how now we might best sort through the silt for gems to thrill, delight, and horrify our listeners.

Alas, the cloud of poison gas released by the explosion has taken a toll on the local vampire bat population, and we welcome volunteers in the hospital wing to assist with treating small burns, patching leathery wings, and pumping tiny bellows. Anyone with cranky vampire bat experience particularly welcome.