Escape Artists are very proud to announce their audio drama debut, WITCHING HOUR. This hour-long special will release at midnight, Sunday October 31st for your Halloween audio entertainment, across all four EA podcasts.

Set during 2021’s unique Halloween ‘witching hour’, this alternate PseudoPod is at the centre of a multiverse-threatening ritual. PseudoPod Towers are manifesting across the globe, and its up to the audio drama horror community to unite and save the day.

WITCHING HOUR is an audio drama and audio fiction collaboration featuring contributions from CreepyPod, The Magnus Archives, Neighbourly, NightlightThe Secret of St. Kilda, The Storage Papers, and Unwell.

Written by Ash Beker, Summer Fletcher and Alasdair Stuart, WITCHING HOUR stars audio drama legends Imogen Harris and Alasdair Stuart and features performances by Peter Behravesh Scott Campbell, Kat Day, Graeme Dunlop, Wilson Fowlie, Shawn Garrett, Alex Hofelich, Mur Lafferty, Marty Perrett, MM Schill and Kaitlyn Zivanovich.

Directed and executive production by Marguerite Kenner with producer Ciaran Roberts, sound design and editing by Ryan Boyd and Peter Wood, and graphics by Matt Dovey.

WITCHING HOUR has headline content warnings for death & dying; horror themes; mental health & trauma; sound effects; socio-political themes; violence; swearing, blasphemy, and innuendo. Detailed content warnings will be available behind a spoiler tag when the episode launches. To learn more about how we use content warnings, visit Full text of the episode will be available at launch, along with a downloadable PDF transcript.