Announcing CatsCast!

Escape Artists are pleased to announce that CatsCast, the imaginary cat-themed podcast whose episodes have appeared on the last two April Fool’s days, is becoming less imaginary starting April 2022. CatsCast is edited by EA’s jester-in-residence, Laura Pearlman.

The distribution model for CatsCast will be a little different from EA’s other podcasts:

    • New CatsCast episodes will be released monthly in both text and audio.
    • All original fiction published by CatsCast will be available for everyone for free. Patrons at the Read All About It and Have Your Say levels will enjoy early access to these stories alongside some other fun pet-themed perks we’ll tell you about shortly.
    • Additional CatsCast episodes will be available exclusively to Patrons at the Premium Content level and above. What better way to say thank you to our dedicated supporters than with more audio fiction?

We’re still working out the logistics across all the platforms, but monthly supporters on any platform (Patreon, PayPal, Twitch, or Ko-fi) at the $5 a month level or higher will have access to all the CatsCast episodes. We’ll post more on this as April approaches.

CatsCast is accepting submissions through 1 February 2022. If you’d like to submit a story, please see the full submission guidelines.