Artemis Rising

Artemis Rising is an annual month-long event across the Escape Artists podcast network, highlighting the work of authors of marginalized genders and sexes, a demographic that has been underrepresented throughout the history of genre fiction. This showcase helps to address that historical imbalance.

The resulting lineup is an incredible collection that celebrates the strength, ingenuity, and brilliance of the authors, the characters they create, and the narrator performances that bring these stories to life. It debuted in 2015, with Cast of Wonders joining in 2017.

Prior to 2018, we specifically included the term “non-binary” in our Artemis Rising submission calls. English is flawed in its ability to accurately represent the breadth of human genders, and as such the language we use is always evolving. We respect the feedback that we’ve received regarding our use of “non-binary” as a catch-all term in the past. It was a mistake and we apologize for having erroneously tilted our perception of non-binary people in a feminine direction in the past. An author’s gender and its expression are theirs alone to determine, and all are welcome.

The showcase publishes original short and flash fiction. It also features the hosting, editing and production talents of a rotating cast of Escape Artists crew. Part of the mission of the project is to give opportunities and experience to these individuals, in publication roles that are traditionally held by men.

Artwork Gallery


Escape Pod 480: To the Knife-Cold Stars by A. Merc Rustad, narrated by Mat Weller

Escape Pod 481: Temporary Friends by Caroline M. Yoachim, narrated by Caitlin Buckley

Escape Pod 482: Chimeras by Julie Steinbacher, narrated by Jessica Dubish, guest host Gabrielle de Cuir

Escape Pod 483: Boris’s Bar by Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali, narrated by Kaitie Radel

Escape Pod 484: That Tear Problem by Natalia Theodoridou, narrated by Hugo Jackson, guest host Rachael K. Jones

Escape Pod 519: In Their Image, by Abra Staffin-Wiebe, narrated by Diane Severson, guest host Mur Lafferty

Escape Pod 520: Singing to the Stars, by Alanna McFall, narrated by Amanda Fitzwater, guest host Amy Sturgis

Escape Pod 521: Myspace: A Ghost Story, by Dominica Phetteplace, narrated by Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali, guest host Angela Lee

Escape Pod 522: Bioluminescent Memory, by Victorya Chase, narrated by Serah Eley, guest host Charity Helton

Escape Pod 523: Windows, by Beth Goder, narrated by Andrea Richardson, guest host Kate Baker

Escape Pod 565: The Zombee Project 3.0, by Allison Mulder, narrated by Ibba Armancas

Escape Pod 566: Honey and Bone, by Madeline Alvey, narrated by Tina Connolly, guest host Alex Acks

Escape Pod 567: Baro Parrajamos, or Love in the Vardo, by Eileen Gunnell Lee, narrated by Marguerite Croft

Escape Pod 568: Dr. Mbalu and the Butcher’s Daughter, by Megan Chaudhuri, narrated by Laurice White, guest host Caron J.

Escape Pod 569: Safe Harbour, by Kristene Perron, narrated by Divya Breed

Escape Pod 617: A Cure for Homesickness by S. L. Scott, narrated by Eric Luke, host Mur Lafferty

Escape Pod 618: All Profound and Logical Minds by Bennett North, narrated by Dani Daly, guest host Laura Pearlman

Escape Pod 619: A Study in Symmetry, or the Chance Encounter of an Android and a Painter by Jamie Lackey, narrated by Trendane Sparks and S.B. Divya, host Tina Connolly

Escape Pod 620: Promise by Christi Nogle, narrated by Tina Connolly, guest host S. Kay Nash

Escape Pod 621: Assistance by Kathryn DeFazio, narrated by Summer Brooks, host S.B. Divya

PseudoPod 424: The Godsmaid Clara And Her Many Smiles by Sharon Dodge, narrated by Kim Lakin-Smith, guest host Marguerite Kenner

PseudoPod 425: Works Of Art by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, narrated by The Word Whore

PseudoPod 426: The Devil Inside by Shannon Connor Winward, narrated by Tatiana Gomberg

PseudoPod 427: Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose by Kelly Link, narrated by Anson Mount

PseudoPod 476: Black Hearts by Shannon Peavey, narrated by Tina Connolly, guest host Wendy N. Wagner

PseudoPod 477: Bug House by Lisa Tuttle, narrated by Heather Welliver, guest hosts Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West from Faculty of Horror

PseudoPod 478: Jay’s Place, by E. Lee McVicar, narrated by Joe Scalora, guest host Julie Hoverson

PseudoPod 479: Like Dolls, by J Lily Corbie, narrated by Kim Lakin-Smith, guest host Marguerite Kenner

PseudoPod 532: Flash on the Borderlands XXXVI – Artemis Rising Showcase, guest host Dani Daly

PseudoPod 533: Drift Right by Wendy N. Wagner, narrated by Wilson Fowlie, guest host M.K. Hobson

PseudoPod 534: In the Country by Christi Nogle, narrated by Dagny Paul, guest hosts Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West from Faculty of Horror

PseudoPod 535: The Lady With the Light by Mel Kassel, narrated by Jon Padgett, guest host Setsu Uzume

PseudoPod 536: Meat by Sandra M. Odell, narrated by Linda Hamilton, guest host A.C. Wise

PodCastle 401: The Color of Regret by Carrie Patel, narrated by Setsu Uzume, guest host Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali

PodCastle 402: Opals and Clay by Nino Cipri, narrated by The Word Whore, guest host Aliette de Bodard

PodCastle 403: Send in the Ninjas by Michelle Ann King, narrated by Christiana Ellis, guest host Christie Yant

PodCastle 404: Territory by Julie Steinbacher, narrated by Maura McHugh and Kim Rogers, guest host Amal El-Mohtar

PodCastle 405: Beat Softly, My Wings Of Steel by Beth Cato, narrated by Elizabeth Green, guest host M.K. Hobson

PodCastle 458: Home Is A House That Loves You by Rachael K. Jones, narrated by Kate Baker

PodCastle 459: Ice Bar by Petra Kuppers, narrated by Marguerite Croft, guest host Bogi Takács

PodCastle 460: The Settlement by Wendi Dunlap, narrated by Kimberly Taylor

PodCastle 461: Fated Ink by Siobhan Gallegher, narrated by Setsu Uzume, guest host Isabel Yap

PodCastle 462: Stay by K. C. Ball, narrated by Tina Connolly, guest host Kelly Robson

PodCastle 512: Scar Clan by Carrow Narby, narrated by Becky Stinemetze, guest host Eleanor Wood

PodCastle 513: We Head for the Horizon and Return with Bloodshot Eyes by Eleanna Castroianni, narrated by Danielle Imara, guest host Stefani Cox

PodCastle 514: My Heart the Bullet in the Chamber by Stephanie Charette, narrated by Robin McLeavy, host Setsu Uzume

PodCastle 515: Propagating Peonies by Suzan Palumbo, narrated by Nadia Niaz, guest host Elora Gatts

Cast of Wonders 238: The Absolute Temperature of Outer Space by Sandra M. Odell, narrated by Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali, guest host Justina Ireland

Cast of Wonders 239: Hackers’ Faire by Rati Mehrotra, narrated by Wilson Fowlie, guest host Alethea Kontis

Cast of Wonders 240: Cross the Street by Marie Vibbert, narrated by Roberto Suarez, guest host Gail Carriger

Cast of Wonders 241: Mr. Quacky in Space by Amanda Helms, narrated by Katherine Inskip, guest host Fonda Lee

Cast of Wonders 294: Earn Your Breath by Jaime O. Mayer, narrated by Ibba Armancas, guest hosts Megan LeighCharlotte Bond and Lucy Hounsom from Breaking the Glass Slipper

Cast of Wonders 295: An American Refugee by Tiah Marie Beautement, narrated by Julia Rios, guest host Alexis Goble

Cast of Wonders 296: Canary’s Refuge by Wendy Nikel, narrated by Nadia Niaz, guest host Sandra M. Odell

Cast of Wonders 297: Where You Get Your Ideas by Megan Lee Beals, narrated by Dani Daly, guest host A. Merc Rustad