Thank you, January supporters!

Once a month we want to say a special thank you to the new supporters who keep our servers fed and our shows in your podcatchers week after week.

A huge thank you to those who joined us in January 2018:

Diane Adams, Catriona Bathgate, Janet Benn, TJ Berry, Jennifer Brozek, Byron Clark, Nathan Daniels, Richard Dubielzig, Elisabeth Fillmore, Zoe Frechette, Delisile Godeffroy Taylor, Adam Gomez, Victoria Hinchey, James Hughes, Lizzie in the Lab, Todd Jenkins, Brian Justus, Katherine Khazova, James Lythgoe, Joshua M Corwin, Kris Majury, David Mansfield, Brent Martin, Ryan Mc Mahon, Pamela Mc Queen, Declan Meenagh, Dennis Michaud, Nichole Neely, Carl Ober, Richard Ohnemus, Liza Olmsted, Jon Pruett, Fern Rojas Jr., Mada Romero, Rebecca Royce, Andy Ruggenberg, Charlie S, Barbara Shaurette, Robert Smart, Benjamin Smith, Naomi Smith, Daren Thomas, Dana Truempy, Terra Vleeshouwer Neumann, Thomas Wendel and Cherys