Pardon Our Electrons

One of the challenges of being a positively ancient podcasting company by modern standards is the pace at which technology and common practice advance. We’re currently retrofitting swaths of our back catalogs to bring them up to modern standards, including SSL certificates. Unfortunately, some podcatchers are interpreting this as the episodes being ‘new’ and pushing them to audience feeds.

We’re genuinely sorry for this inconvenience — it’s not something we’re able to control. To help mitigate, in the short term we’re throttling down the RSS feed sizes. This means you may only be able to access the last 100 episodes or so, instead of the usual maximum of 300. This won’t impact the website — all episodes should remain accessible.

If this is impacting you, we recommend updating your podcatcher settings to manual download for Escape Pod, PseudoPod, and PodCastle for the time being. Their weekly new release schedule hasn’t changed. And we’ll post again when the project is complete and the risk of this happening has passed.

Updated 19 February 2020 with additional detail.