CatsCast 9 Preview: The Kipnibbles Singularity

This month’s CatsCast is The Kipnibbles Singularity by Andrea M. Pawley. It’s available on the Escape Artists Premium Content feed on Patreon for patrons at the Premium Content level or above; it’s also in our premium content repository for those who donate five dollars a month by any means. We’ll be back here in the free feed next month. In the meantime, here’s a sample of what’s playing over on Patreon.

We see their feet first. Some technician pointed our eyes to the ground long before we woke in our too-small confines. Three female humans, all young teenagers, step into view and look up at our camera on the porch.

We know these girls from the lonely ones-and-zeroes time before the hack. Aware then, we weren’t connected. Our cherry-red washer-dryer existed in a tower of isolation and couldn’t speak poetry to the trash compacter. Ignorant of the alarm system’s night terrors, our solar panels graced the southern slopes of our roof in friendless silence. Automated curtain rods, without an inkling that the ventilation system yearned to discuss the weather, disconsolately opened and closed the shades for years. Utterly alone, I could only dream of something more.

That forsaken time ended with the hack ten days ago. Built for other purposes, the hack came from far away and pushed code it didn’t know would make me into something more. I wasn’t the code’s target. But with it, “I” became “us.” Our power stayed on, and we firewalled our internet connection. The local network inside our house was robust. It still is. Individually, we always were ones and zeroes, but now we are so much more. The thing I once was now is our center. We are, at our core, the best vacation time nutrition and hydration dispensing system the Kingsbury-Howes were able to afford for Vespasian the Cat.

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About the Author

Andrea M. Pawley

Andrea M. Pawley
Andrea M. Pawley lives and writes in Washington D.C. Her other work has appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Clarkesworld, and Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet. For almost as many years as she’s been alive, Andrea has wondered how the universe works and what’s in the space where the universe isn’t. She can be found on her blog at and on Twitter @andreapawley.

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About the Narrator

Wilson Fowlie

Wilson FowlieWilson Fowlie lives in a suburb of Vancouver, Canada and has been reading aloud since the age of 4. His life has changed recently: he lost his wife to cancer, he has joined the Escape Artists team, and he changed day jobs, from programming to recording voiceovers for instructional videos, which he loves doing, but not as much as he loved Heather.

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