CatsCast 14 Preview: A Feline Familiar

This month’s CatsCast is A Feline Familiar by Rayne Hall. It’s available on the Escape Artists Premium Content feed on Patreon for patrons at the Premium Content level or above; it’s also in our premium content repository for those who donate five dollars a month by any means. We’ll be back here in the free feed next month. In the meantime, here’s a sample of what’s playing over on Patreon.

November wind rattles the windows and rain gusts against the panes. The cats have withdrawn to the kennel’s heated indoor section and curled up in their cosy donut beds. Some doze with heads on paws, others watch my fingers dance across the keyboard, ears tilted forward as they listen to the rhythmic clack-clack-clack.

Several stare intently at the door, waiting.

They seem to know it’s a Saturday, the day when the Feline Familiars sanctuary opens its doors, and potential adopters come in, wizards in search of a magickal assistant and pet.

The first arrival, alas, has not come to adopt one of my charges. She places a cat carrier on the rickety table by the door, shakes the raindrops from her purple mane and juts her chin. “Ms Landen, this cat is no good.”

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About the Author

Rayne Hall

Rayne Hall with cat Sulu
Rayne Hall is the author of over 70 books, mostly fantasy, horror and non-fiction. She lives in Bulgaria where she enjoys writing creepy Gothic stories, permaculture gardening, rescuing black cats and training them. (Yes, cats can be trained – if they want.)

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About the Narrator

Sandy Parsons

Sandy Parsons
Sandy Parsons is a Pushcart Prize nominated author and the winner of the 2022 ServiceScape fiction contest. Her fiction can be found in many places, including Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Escape Pod, and Reckoning. In addition to writing fiction, Sandy narrates audio fiction. When not writing, Sandy is the servant of two tempestuous tabbies and she works as an anesthetist in Georgia. More information can be found at

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