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Ignyte Award Nominations!

The 2022 Ignyte Awards finalists have been announced, and EA is honored to have returned to the Best Fiction Podcast list with three finalists — PodCastle, Escape Pod, and PseudoPod!

Congratulations to Shingai Njeri Kagunda, Eleanor Wood, Sofia Barker, Matt Dovey, Peter Behravesh, Jen R. Albert, Cherae Clark, Summer Fletcher, S.B. Divya, Mur Lafferty, Valerie Valdes, Benjamin C. Kinney, Premee Mohamed, Summer Brooks, Adam Pracht, Tina Connolly, Alasdair Stuart, Shawn Garrett, Alex Hofelich, Kat Day, Karen Menzel, Chelsea Davis, Marty Perrett and the entirety of the Escape Pod*, PseudoPod, and PodCastle teams!

This marks PodCastle’s third and Escape Pod’s second years in a row as Ignyte finalists.

Congratulations also to Shingai Njeri Kagunda for her Best Novella nomination for And This is How to Stay Alive, along with EA alums Cherae Clark, Darcie Little Badger, Zin E. Rocklyn, and Troy L. Wiggins for their nominations!

Congratulations to all of the brilliant finalists!

The 2022 #IgnyteAwards are open for public voting from now through June 10th, and will be presented on September 17th.

*2021 Escape Pod guest editor Brent C. Lambert is a member of the administration team for the Ignyte Award. To avoid any conflict and with his agreement, he has not been listed for this nomination. However the Escape Pod team absolutely feel his work contributed to Escape Pod’s 2021 success (such as its Hugo nomination that includes his name), and thank him for his grace and humility.

2021 British Fantasy Awards Best Audio Finalists PseudoPod and PodCastle

EA Receives British Fantasy Award Nominations Once Again!

Another year, another amazing group of BRITISH FANTASY AWARD NOMINATIONS!

  • Award-winning genre fiction podcasts PseudoPod and PodCastle return to the British Fantasy Society Best Audio award as 2021 finalists.
  • Additionally, John Wiswell’s 8-Bit Free Will (PodCastle 654), has been nominated for Best Short Fiction!
  • Continuing the good news train, our very own Escape Pod’s Premee Mohamed’s novel Beneath the Rising has received a nomination for Best Horror Novel!
  • And finally, join us in congratulating Alasdair Stuart and Marguerite Kenner’s weekly pop culture newsletter, The Full Lid, for its Best Nonfiction nomination!

The British Fantasy Society Awards will be presented at Fantasycon in (COVID willing) Birmingham, England in September.

Congratulations to all the finalists!

EA Makes The British Fantasy Award Finals

Award-winning genre fiction podcasts PseudoPod and PodCastle have made the shortlist for the British Fantasy Society Best Audio award. The award, which debuted in 2018, went to the BBC audio adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys. PseudoPod was also a finalist that inaugural year.

We’re incredibly happy to see the hard work of our editorial teams recognized, especially by an award such as this. It speaks very highly of the BFS’ willingness to engage with the future of the industry that the Best Audio award exists and we’re honored to be on the shortlist.

Also join us in congratulating Alasdair’s weekly pop culture newsletter, The Full Lid, for its Best Nonfiction nomination!

The British Fantasy Awards are presented each year at Fantasycon which takes place in Glasgow, Scotland October 18th – 20th, 2019.

PseudoPod shortlisted for a British Fantasy Society Award!

Following two rounds of nomination and voting from the members of the British Fantasy Society and FantasyCon, The British Fantasy Awards has reached its final jury stage.

PseudoPod has been shortlisted in the inaugural year of the Best Audio category!

Winners will be announced on 21 October 2018 at FantasyCon, the BFS annual convention.

Congratulations to Alex Hofelich, Shawn Garrett, Alasdair Stuart, Chelsea Davis, Marty Perrett and the entire PseudoPod team!