CatsCast 5: Daisies

Daisies is a CatsCast original


by Marshall J Moore

I believe I was the only person on Earth who stayed outdoors on that golden evening, watching the world end.

The bombs rose from the far horizon like stars ascending to greet the night. Our bombs, or at least the ones with Old Glory painted on their sides. Soon they would descend, falling like avenging angels onto some lonely hilltop on the far side of the planet.

I imagined a woman exactly like me in every respect save language and ethnic background watching them fall, knowing what was about to happen. I felt sorry for her.

I wondered who stood to gain from killing the whole world. The cockroaches, maybe.

The other bombs fell scarcely an hour later. The golden sky had turned to purple; royal colors. It was just dark enough to watch as they streaked across the night, a quintet of stars falling to earth, so bright that it hurt my eyes to watch them. But I did not look away.

I did not hide from the bombs, or the death they brought with them. There was nothing to hide from.

I had buried Daisy the day before.

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About the Author

Marshall J. Moore

Marshall J. Moore
Marshall J. Moore is a writer, filmmaker, and martial artist born and raised on Kwajalein, a tiny Pacific Island. He has trained a professional mercenary in unarmed combat, sold a thousand dollars’ worth of teapots to Jackie Chan, was once tracked down by a bounty hunter for owing $300 in late fees to the Los Angeles Public Library. An active member of the SFWA, his work has been published by Mysterion, Air and Nothingness Press, Flame Tree, and many others. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife Megan and their two cats.

Twitter: @Kwaj14
Facebook: kwajmarshall
Instagram: @kwajmarshall

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About the Narrator

S. Kay Nash

S. Kay Nash
S. Kay Nash is an occasional writer, narrator, and bibliophile. Raised by a cabal of university professors, anthropologists, and librarians, she holds two degrees as magical wards to protect her from being hauled back into the ivory tower. Her short fiction has appeared in several anthologies including Road Kill 2: Texas Horror by Texas Writers. She lives in Texas with a mad scientist, her books, and her cats. Follow her @Gnashchick on twitter.

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