CatsCast Episode 8: Love Tokens by Constance Fay

Love Tokens is a CatsCast original.

Love Tokens

by Constance Fay

The cat in my living room has a human finger in her mouth and love in her eyes. This is disturbingly wrong for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I don’t have a cat. Second, I live on a third-floor apartment and the windows are closed. Third, and it bears repeating, human finger.

It’s the third day in a row the dark-furred brindled cat has appeared, with increasingly heavy body parts dangling from her jaws. Day one was an ear. I think. It’s hard to tell once it’s been in a cat’s mouth for a while. When I called the police, they stared at the ear, then at me. The cat, by then, was long gone–to wherever she goes when she’s not breaking into my home with human parts. I tried to follow her but I looked away for a second and she had vanished. The cops clearly didn’t believe my cat story. I haven’t even been able to capture a photo of the critter. I’m probably on a watch list somewhere now.

I didn’t even tell my boyfriend. Enough people think I am crazy.

Day two was a toe, polished with a pop of bright pink. Something about that polish twisted a bit in my chest. It was so very normal. I think I even have that same color, called something saucy like Petticoat Pink or Punky Petal. The cops didn’t even show up on day two. They asked me to drop the toe off at the station which led to me driving around town with a toe in a baggy full of ice, terrified of getting pulled over for a speeding ticket because how do you explain cargo like that?

Now it’s day three and the furry little muzzle is wrapped around what appears to be an index finger.

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About the Author

Constance Fay

Constance Fay
Constance Fay lives in Denver, Colorado. She works in medical devices by day and writes by night, accompanied in both by a very opinionated cat. Her fiction has appeared in the horror anthology “99 Tiny Terrors,” Crow & Cross Keys, and the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Her website is and she can be found at @constanceefay on both Twitter and Instagram.

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About the Narrator

Tatiana Grey

Tatiana Grey
Tatiana Grey is a critically acclaimed actress of stage, screen, and the audio booth. She has been nominated for dozens of fancy awards but hasn’t won a single damned thing. She lives in a minuscule apartment in Brooklyn, New York which she hopes to move out of one day because they don’t allow cats. What a travesty.

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